Thursday, March 10, 2011

In The Night

The sound is fury pouring down on my head.
The roar in my ears I have come to dread.

I hardly can think in the still of the night.
Those are the times my fears come to light.

With the blackness all around and static in the air,
My thoughts can’t help but to tarry there.

I wish them away; I wish for sweet dreams
But they visit me anyway, it always seems.

These thoughts consume me and lead me astray
But this too shall pass I try to say.

Without certainty and without conviction
I test the waters of my addiction.

Timidly at first and then I just dive in
And give my mind to the hopelessness within.

As I sink below the surface, I think it is best
But that’s not a theory I really want to test.

So I let my mind wander in the darkness of the night
Because only then does my body know what’s right.

For my body is at rest, however light
And my mind is spinning, preparing for flight.

It’s in these moments that the truth simply hides
But with the rising of the sun comes the changing of the tides.

I suppose this life is always ebb and flow
Much like my thoughts and the directions they go.

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