Saturday, April 18, 2009

Earth Day at the Greenway!


Today we went to an Earth Day Celebration at the Greenway in Fort Mill. We had such a nice time. Natalie got to pet goats (and a baby goat that she adored!), cows, sheep, horses, and dogs! There were chickens there too... but we didn't pet those! They didn't look too friendly.

After the petting was over, we washed our hands and went to get Natalie's face painted! She asked for a pink heart and that's exactly what she got. She was such a good girl sitting still! She didn't want me to wash it off before bed tonight... but the lucky girl gets to keep it a while longer because the paints stained her face! LOL

After the face painting, we went into the little animal museum there and looked at bobcats, owls, hawks, and coyotes! We even got to touch a few skins.

Of course, they had some arts and crafts to do... we made sun hats and learned about why we should take care of our skin from the sun. They passed out odd packets of sunscreen that we graciously declined. We will just stick with the hat.

Of course, my princess had to wear her princess crown all day too!

I hope you enjoy the pictures! I enjoyed taking them!
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