Thursday, November 5, 2009

Poor Neglected Little Blog

I feel bad for neglecting you, blog. I really do. Life has been so very busy lately that I just have not had the time. But, here is an update on our little family.

First of all, I am working an insane number of hours, but I am teaching so it is work doing something I love. Not many people get to go to work everyday and be around smart, creative, fun people who enjoy being there. I have also started graduate school. I am majoring in secondary education, so I will be able to teach in the public schools soon. (Right now I teach college.)

We're also in the process of converting to Catholicism. We're going through RCIA which is basically a class that lasts several months to prepare people to enter the Catholic Church. We love it. Our confirmation and first communion is Feb. 7, 2010. We're currently attending St. Anne's Catholic Church.

Jason, the dear husband, has also started grad school. We're actually doing the exact same program except he wants to teach middle school and I want to teach freshmen high-schoolers. We would both love to teach at a private Catholic school.

Natalie started preschool this August. I had toyed with the idea of homeschooling her, but I am not confident enough in my ability to actually do it. She is going to public school right now, but we plan to try to move her to a Catholic private school by first grade. The cost is just something that we are struggling with. She loves school though.

Look for more posts soon!

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