Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Teacher Gifts

This Christmas, I am hoping to make use of my sewing skills and give predominately handmade gifts. Hopefully they will be appreciated and not thought of as a cheapskate way of saving money! (Because as often as I screw them up or have to do a practice one first, it probably would save me money to go to Wal-Mart or Target!)

First, for Natalie's teachers, I made journal covers. Now, these are not as fancy as some of the other ones you may find online, but I prefer to work without a pattern and just freestyle it, if you will. This first one is the one I made for Natalie's kindergarten teacher.

This next one is the one for the teacher's assistant. I gave it a little attempt at embroidery on the inside... hopefully it will stay put!

Each one is lined with batting, semi-quilted I suppose, and has an inner pocket for a pen or pencil. They fit the standard ugly black and white composition books that you can get in the school supply sections. Now, I am off to finish working on the project for my niece!


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