Saturday, December 13, 2008

Natalie's New Skirt

Good evening! My daughter, Natalie, has been itching for me to make her a new loooooong skirt, as she says. She wanted one that would touch the ground, mostly so that she could dance around like a princess! So I went through my stockpile of fabric and made up this little creation. It's a tad big around the waist, but I was worried that it would shrink a little in the wash. It's a fine corduroy.

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I thought this little green sweater would look nice with it too. It also has a matching hooded, long sleeve sweater in case we get some cooler weather. (This is SC, you know!)

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I hope you like it! Natalie sure does!


Hanna Marie said...

Hi, it's Hanna from the book club, I just discovered your blog:) Such a beautiful skirt, and beautiful outfit! I'm impressed!

Melissa said...

Thanks Hanna!