Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back on the Wagon

I was desperate. I caved in. I took the easy way out. But, I am getting back on track now. My new year’s resolution was to eat a more traditional diet. I was doing so well... and then I got caught up in the New Year’s Diet Craze. I should have known what would happen. I joined Weight Watchers. I wanted to lose the weight so badly, and I remembered that I have always had success with WW. The problem is that in order to lose a few pounds, I have to sacrifice quality food and eat what I feel are “fake foods.” Now, I realize that the Weight Watchers people are focusing on eating “filling foods” such as whole grains and vegetables, but the problem is that they still want the members to eat the “one ingredient away from being plastic” butter substitute and fat free everything. A dear friend convinced me that the body does need some fat!

So I quit. I do thank Weight Watchers for one thing… helping me re-learn what a proper portion looks like. With the super sized servings that we are so accustomed to today, it’s not hard to forget how much we really should eat.
My revamped diet is one of my own creation (with the thankful educational tips from a couple great people!) and my husband has taken to calling it the “1950’s diet” even though I guess it’s not really that at all.

My plan is to just be simple. Try to get back to what my New Year’s Resolution was supposed to be. Be good to my body, be good to the Earth, and live like people are supposed to live, naturally. Eat things that I make with my own two hands, avoid processed foods – especially HFCS! – and get some exercise and sunshine whenever possible.

Let’s see how it goes!

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Erica said...

WTGo Melissa. Take it slowly, that way you won't crash and burn, but you can do it! Purchase whole foods and find new ways to make favorites. It's what's worked best for us :)